“Procrastinators Unite”

Image of clock with the text "procrastinators unite."

I am a world class procrastinator. Exhibit A: I’ve been procrastinating for days trying to write this essay about procrastinating. Early Saturday morning it hit me, “Use aging software to demonstrate procrastination vs. inevitability.” See, if I am fortunate enough to make it to 65, I will look something like the guy in this picture. Seeing myself as an older man helps me understand the realities of aging. Therefore, the realities of needing to be financially prepared for older age. It is a nudge, a trick, a wakeup call. According to Dr. Benjamin Hardy, “Procrastination is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when you really want something more for yourself, but you lack the knowledge and capability to do it.” Saving for retirement is the obvious corollary here, but as this picture reminds me, retirement age is obviously coming for us all (should we live long enough). As we get older, it is inevitable that our bodies will slow down and we will be ready to stop laboring. If you are procrastinating on getting your finances in order, you don’t need me to tell you it is important to stop procrastinating and start taking action. We can assist you in solving that problem.

However, based on experience, I’d hazard a guess that at least some of your procrastinations lie in much more ambitious realms than mere retirement preparedness. Maybe you’re considering a sabbatical to spend more time with family? Have you always wanted to start your own business but never took the steps to REALLY look into doing it? Or, maybe it is as simple as you got a big promotion but still don’t feel happy and don’t know what to make of that. As advocates for the attainment of your life’s biggest ambitions, these topics trigger conversations that are in our wheelhouse. Not just the financial implications of these decisions (that’s the easy part that we can and will certainly cover). I am talking about the happiness and life fulfillment implications. You’re going to get older and you’re going to die. Your biggest procrastinations might be hints at what you should do before it’s too late. They are likely hints at what you need to do to achieve the happiest outcome for your life’s story.

As financial planners we are in the OUTCOME business. We need candor and good data as inputs in order to help create great outcomes. Let’s have a candid conversation about your hopes, dreams, procrastinations, and mental blocks. I am interested in these conversations and helping you get the outcomes deserving of your life’s most ambitious work. I look forward to these chats with genuine enthusiasm.

Let my aged picture remind you that the future is coming and it is time to do something about it.

Aged Kevin




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