Let's Reframe How You Think
About Money

Why Golden Road

We realize that the last thing you want to think about is your finances. Instead, you would rather spend your time doing the things you love. Yet, it is difficult to enjoy yourself when your financial future is uncertain. So, our mission is to help you gain the financial confidence you need to live the life you want.

Service That Starts With You

At Golden Road Advisors, we win when you win. It makes everything we do worthwhile and gives our work meaning when our guidance helps you succeed.

We get to know you as a person first before working to understand your family’s financial situation. So our discussions go well beyond the balance in your bank accounts. We want to know about the goals, fears, hopes, and dreams that influence your outlook on money so we can challenge your thinking and help you build a brighter future.

We partner with you to develop an honest, big picture view of where things stand today, where you would like to go, and what is in your way. Then we develop customized, actionable advice based on your unique circumstances – the same unbiased insights we would give our friends, siblings, or parents if they were in your shoes. Finally, we help you prioritize and agree on an action plan (who will do what, by when) so we can keep each other accountable.

Fee Structure

Given the nature of our approach, we keep our fee structure simple.

Financial Planning and Investment Management

We offer a fee-based comprehensive service that combines financial planning, implementation services, and investment management for those who need holistic and ongoing support from trustworthy professionals. You will essentially have us on retainer to provide financial guidance whenever you need it. 

Whether you’re assessing your retirement or college savings, planning your estate, or seeking tax-efficient investment strategies, we will help you think things through and avoid mistakes. We are also happy to collaborate with your CPA, attorney, or insurance specialist to ensure that all elements of your financial plan come together seamlessly.

We base our fees on the value of the portfolio we manage, starting with 1% for portfolios under $5 million in value, with price breaks as your wealth grows.

Periodic Financial Planning

Everyone’s financial situation is different. You may not be interested in moving your assets or ongoing support, but every so often, you would like an educated opinion on your financial situation and trajectory. Say no more. We offer flat-fee financial planning services starting at $3,600 a year for such clients. Together, we will decide how much time and attention makes sense for you.

We encourage you to reach out today to discuss whether we might be a fit.

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